Light, Moments, Emotions and Feelings

ApollonX is the smart, open and wireless RGB LED lighting control system for all devices, objects and unique moments.
Choose your color and enjoy the moment.


 Financed from the crowd

Crowdfunding works best when our ApollonX project get as many people as possible to participate. We are open source driven and our product consists about 50% of open source technologies, like the Raspberry Pi or open source software including Linux.

 Use Cases

The ApollonX RGB LED lighting control system for us all, wireless and everywhere applicable!

The modern, intuitive interface makes it possible for you to use the entire ApollonX system with your mobile, tablet or computer.

You are not bound to a native iOS, Android or Windows Phone app and you do not need to download it from the App Store, you just need a browser!

Here some use cases for you.

  • Housing, household, home automation and smart home

    Light up your furniture, objects, living room, lounges, party rooms, garden or terrace. Private applications have no limits, choose your favorite color without compromise!

  • Workplaces, offices, classrooms, waiting rooms and workbenches

    Light colors affect our moods and cause psychological and physical reactions. In the bright blue light we focus better than at reddish light and at green we are alive or get hungry.

  • Hotel lobby, restaurants, bars, clubs, exhibition stands and ambience environment

    You want offer an unforgettable moment to your customers. Create a mood in your rooms or an oasis of light. Tables, hanging lamps, present sculptures or art in a unique way.

  • Medical treatments for depression, insomnia and stress factors

    Its cold outside, the dark autumn and the winter months are a pain for you. You can not concentrate and you are constantly tired and burned out. Our System is your salvation, because it works with any RGB LED and providers. We also develop custom systems by definition!

ApollonX Receiver


You can perform an adjustment according to your wishes from a selection of different light programs and light variations in the form of gradients, brightness values ​​and many other configurations.

By royalty-free 868 MHz wireless technology, the ApollonX operates in a range of 40 meters indoors and up to 200 meters outdoors.

Wireless technology

Use your own wireless network, or create a hotspot with your smartphone.

One application for all devices

A native app for Apple or Android limits you, we love server-based applications running everywhere!

Easy to use and customize

The color picker is very easy to use and offers a lot of features. The response time is extremely fast.

Clean and elegant design

The system consists of minimum two small boxes, the master module and the receivers. The receiver can be attached, screwed and hided everywhere.

Documentation and Support

We care about you, and we are interested in how you use our product!

Open and API driven

This is it, the ApollonX is a open and scalable system. You can use it as a bootstrap API driven home automatization application.

ApollonX system packages

Each of our systems is manufactured in Germany, tested and prepared for immediate use.

  • Master module

    One master module per installation need

    • ApollonX server
    • Wireless component
    • API driven bidirektional modulation
    • Color picker and API
    • Power supply
    • Free shipping*
  • Slave receiver

    Up to 50 and more recipients per installation possible

    • Wireless component
    • API driven bidirektional modulation
    • Two a- and synchronous RGB-LED channels
    • Power supply
    • Free shipping*

*Free shipping only in Germany.

All prices include 19% VAT.

ApollonX - The gate to new innovations, concepts and business ideas

We developed the ApollonX, because we were not satisfied with other solutions. We had to disassemble or completely rebuild other systems like Philips hue or Osram Lightify available on the market. So it was only logical for us to develop a new, pure and on the open source ideology based system with many interfaces on the hardware and software layer. The ApollonX is Server, API and wireless driven and can be integrated easily into any pre-existing infrastructure.

  • Integrate the ApollonX into your infrastructure and systems.
  • Use the ApollonX as a bootstrap system for your own products or concepts.
  • Develop your own user interfaces and incorporate it into your corporate identity.
  • Let your customers decide what kind of colorful ambiente they want.

Our Customers

  • Private customers
  • Business customers like architects, designers, interior decorators, fair organizers or tour operators
  • Institutions like stores, hotels, restaurants, discotheques or lounges

ApollonX System Teaser

ApollonX System pitch for Startnext

ApollonX Server pitch for Startnext

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